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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

12 months to go before your wedding?...What should you be doing to get ready!

Here's the 12 month snapshot:

1.  Officially announce your engagement ...by social media, with a save the date card, maybe a fun wedding website to link your friends too...even in your local paper. Did we tell you that we can do a save the date video for you? check out a sample on our website at www.starproductionsdjs.com.

2.  Consult with registry office (County Clerk's office) and Officiant/Minister/Reverend or Pastor.
Need a list of officiants? Let me know we know some really great ones....even non denominational.

3.  Contact other vendors to get budget numbers together....(good vendors go quick and you definately want to contact them soon if you haven't already. Check out a great list of local vendors at

4.  Stay tuned for your next months checklist or respond to this email asking for the full checklist
in advance from us.  :) davestar@starproductionsdjs.com

11 months prior to your wedding day.  

Here are the wedding items you should be searching for or confirming with a deposit now.

1.  Make sure you are checking in to your personal planning site to start filling in your event
details....www.starproductionsdjs.com. just go to client log in area. need your password again?
Shoot me an email.

2.  Decide on a formal, semi-formal or informal wedding. Clothing type? Colors?

3.  Look into the reception venue (is liability insurance necessary?). If they are providing the
food...schedule a tasting.

4.  Find or confirm your ceremony location.

5.  Decide whether you need/want pre-marital counseling.

6.  find or Search for photographer. If you found one when will you meet with them? Do you have a
shot itinerary? Would you like one?

7.  find or confirm your caterer.

8.  find or confirm your florist.

9.  Create your Wedding Website & Countdown. Need some ideas here? let me know
starproductionsdjs@gmail.com :)

We hope this checklist is proving helpful to you!  Call us if you would like referrals for any of
the above services or if you need anything...  We're always here to help!

If you'd like more ideas on how you can get ready for the largest celebration of your lives...please email me! starproductionsdjs@gmail.com

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